I am looking for premises to store my food products, could you set aside surface space for me?

Working closely with you, we jointly determine the volumes required to adapt your storage needs by taking into account the seasonal nature and type of your products, as well as your sales limitations. We turn set costs into variable costs. The current environment calls for adaptability and we offer you this possibility.

I am an importer. I have integrated logistics, why come to you, will it be more expensive?

Our multi-customer site lets us pool and optimise logistics tools, while boosting productivity and enhancing quality of service and stock management. This optimisation of your logistics increases your competitive edge. Have you considered all the indirect benefits you could reap if you only had to focus on your core business?

You talk about inventory management, what benefit can you bring us?

The guarantee of stringency in our processes, as well as flexibility and control in our management tools. Our steering tools will bring transparency to held stock, while our reporting tools will help you with decision-making.

Your site and your arguments have convinced me to entrust you with my logistics, but will I lose control over my business?

Quite the opposite! You will rapidly increase control and steering. SLOI provides you with a dedicated focal point to assist you every step of the way.

If I entrust you with my logistics, will I not increase administrative management tasks?

To streamline administrative tasks, especially those with no added-value (sending faxes, e-mails to confirm transport orders, phone calls to place orders, etc.), we offer you two possibilities of administrative optimisation. Either we lend you our WEB EDI management system, or we link up your tools with ours to boost efficiency.