Customize your storage space

Outsourcing logistics is synonymous with managing and measuring an important component of your business in order to boost efficiency in your core business.

SLOI offers you a tailor-made offer, customised to your needs.

With a view to meeting the requirements of your business, SLOI adapts to seasonal variation and offers you a solution in tune with your needs. We provide you with a set area in pallet volume for a variable period. The dedicated area can be adjusted according to your inventory level from one order to the next. 

The storage space evolves in line with your business requirements without restriction.

SLOI assigns you a special focal point to provide a personalised service for the duration of our partnership. The expertise garnered by the SOMATRANS group as a customs broker also grants SLOI access to bonded areas such as terminals or part of the warehouse.

Based next to the port of Pointe des Galets with direct access to one of the island’s main thoroughfares (N1), our storage facilities live up to stringent logistics requirements and comply with European standards in force. In order to guarantee optimal security for your goods, SLOI has kitted its warehouses out with state-of-the-art technology: strict access control, fire-proof buildings (N5 standard and fire detection), anti-break-in devices and warehouses under video-surveillance both inside and outside. This technology is enhanced by strict security procedures which satisfy the standards required by AEO certification.

Entrust the management of your inventory to logistics specialist SLOI and concentrate on expanding your business with peace of mind!